Sonntag, 21. Mai 2017

Drew Sarich
The American in Vienna
Broadway - West End - Vienna

Drew Sarich has been around...a lot. Right time, right place, right person; who can say but, one thing is for sure, he understands performance to a personal degree and pours that into each role and goes from there, wherever it may take him... and it's taken him to quite some places and to quite some people including Stallone and Klitschko.

Here in a recent interview HERE, I know you have always wanted to see just how good Google Translate has gotten lately, you can get an overview of this perennial character... coming up in the next post, Drew speaks of "as in boxing, so in life" and how his role as the pugilist Rocky put him on the most unexpected path and finally "life in Vienna", its joys, its challenges and some tips.

Mittwoch, 17. Mai 2017

Off the Beaten Track


Not the post which I had planned yesterday, as a spontaneous idea come to me....

Returning to a more active blogging nature, it occured to me to put up a series of "off the beaten track" locations well worth a visit, which are a few minutes away from the very center and yet offer a more local taste of Vienna and its charm.

This evening I dined at Café Ansari, a Georgian resturant a mere 10 minutes walk from the Danube Canal, which borders the city center at Swedenplatz.

Here is a link to the Trip Advisor entries.

In the warm evening, dining outside, with ambient lighting, this stylish spot creates an environment where one very quickly relaxes and can thoroughly enjoy the evening, or indeed your visit to this city.
...and as for the cuisine.. be surprised but, it fits perfectly to the surroundings and the unfolding of a fine evening.

Freitag, 14. April 2017

Coming up in April: Interview with Drew Sarich American performance artist ...US-amerikanischer Musicaldarstzeller

Resident Leading Man at the Ronacher talks about the theatre and tourism and all things Vienna.. from Rocky to Evita to Vampires...and the love of boxing!

Montag, 3. April 2017

A Perfect Springtime
Vienna city break at the perfect time
at the perfect location

A Vienna city break this Springtime could not possibly offer such perfect conditions; the weather is around 20°C and the sunshine bathes the city in that kind of warmth, which just calls for sightseeing and sitting outside, hours long, and just enjoy the great escape of the moment.

photo by Instagrammer gregsideris

Take a day's stroll of discovery, just 15 minutes by metro from the Aviano Boutique Hotel, at the Schönbrunn Palace in its impressive park and gardens, which includes a world leading, conservation focused zoo. Pack a picnic or simply enjoy a bite a the café and restuarant opportunities there; a day here will free your mind from the rest of the world.

 photo by Instagrammer gregsideris

The city center; cobbled streets, centuries old architecture, you get the idea.. 

photo by Instagrammer gregsideris

Not only is Vienna a great destination to visit, it's also very much a living, breathing city with its throb of daily life and a visit here allows you to be in that and experience the essence of Vienna.
Aviano is in the very center of the old city and gives you the opportunity to explore everywhere within walking distance.

photo by Instagrammer gregsideris

 Whether entertainment; shopping, sightseeing, museums, or café culture all day long, this Springtime offers every possibility or perhaps, just to get lost in a city stroll and soak up the fresh, cool air and sunshine. The worldclass State Opera House pictured, puts on 300 performances a year across a spectrum of shows.
photo by Instagrammer gregsideris

 Currently, there are numerous Easter Markets too, below pictured at Schönbrunn Palace but, also in the city itself at Freyung  which offers an enchanting programme.   

Situated on the main shopping street, Kärntnerstrasse, the boutique Hotel Aviano, pictured below, offers the perfect location at a perfect price that will not stretch your pocket, yet offer you all the convenience of a far more costly establishment. See the homepage for offers in English or in German  or Italian

There is a hearty traditional Vienna Breakfast available with additional museli, yoghurts and eggs to your liking..

The roms are spacious, whether a single or a suite and are to found in a traditional Vienna style.

And naturaslly, given such a location, the views aren't bad either.

One can let the imagination go and escape for a while, leaving you refreshed, rechgarged and ready to get on with life.

Montag, 20. März 2017

Vienna in Spring

Warm, sunny days begin to show themselves among the those of more changeable weather and with that announcemet of Spring's arrival, the city begins to come to life. Cafés have put out their particular tables and chairs and people are taking breakfast al bathe in that early spring sun.

 Enjoy a short taste of Vienna with this video :)

Outside the central districts, it's a little cooler still and Schönbrunn Palace is busy preparing for nature's imminent stunning bloom.

 A fabulous documentary can be seen here  ...also available in English!

 At AVIANO we have a super Springtime offer with 20% off your direct booking!


Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2017

Café Bellaria est.1870

Café Belleria est.1870

The absolute classic Vienese café house.. precisely the kind of memorable experience that any traveler should aim for while here.  My eyes can't help but widen as I enter, entreated to an array of depth of colours and shades that one simply does not expect. Rich wooden tones; claret drapes, the cream walls, polished brass fittings and perfectly situated seats and chairs, allowing for a 'corner seat experience' regardless of where one sits. Looking up at the source of such ambient light, is a sight to behold: antique chandeliers, majestically opulent and grand. You know that you are somewhere very special. Indeed, over the decades many prominent patrons have come here to relax and mingle.

As is typical of the finest cafés, a pianist plays and sings, only this pianist was very old, singing oldtime songs with an oldtime voice, that was a shadow of the magnificence that it once was. However, this only served to add another layer to this Zeitgeist moment

Montag, 26. Dezember 2016

Who Needs Winter Rosey Glasses When You Can Wear Black & White Ones!

It occured to me, that we tend to look for colour in the winter months and understandably so, however, I found it refreshing to consider in Black & White with its clean lines and shades and that timeless atribute which colour doesn't often permit. Try it with your own colour shots; editing them into Black & White. Tip: make a copy first and edit the copy ;)